Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Yo Adrian...... I'm a real-live boy!!!

Sylvester Stallone was voted into the boxing hall of fame yesterday and it brings about so many questions.  None more concerning than whether or not people have lost sight of the fact that Rocky and the subsequent sequels (or filmic shitbombs as I like to refer to them) were NOT REAL.
It's bad enough that Philadelphia erected a statue of the fictional character, which should command roughly the same amount of respect as this (how about devote your statue making to REAL people who EARNED the right to be immortalized?  Like Stalin), but now Rocky is in the boxing hall of fame?
I give it no more than 10 years until all the children of the world genuinely think Rocky was totally real, like I did for the first 23 years of my life with Kokomo (damn you and your vivid, lyrical painting Beach Boys).


  1. you take that back right now. the rocky films beautifully showcased the triumph of the human spirit.

  2. I agree with Tim...before Rocky IV, I never knew how cold and heartless Russians were. Thank you Rocky for not just being a boxer, but a Cold War hero. Rocky for president?

  3. The first Rocky film beautifully showcased the triumph of the human spirit, the sequels showcased Stallone's and Carl Weathers' stellar beach frolicking abilities