Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A 65 million dollar slap in the face

Apparently, a $65 million settlement is now considered a loss.
It was reported today that Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the twins made famous for their legal dispute with the owner of Facebook, were "forced" to "accept" the court ruling that "all" they would receive from their case against "Jesse Eisenberg" was a measly sixty five mil. Tough break fellas.
Pity us puny humans, lest we destroy you.
I know how difficult life must have been for you so far, what with being tall, white Olympic rowers who attended Harvard and have a rich father, and now this? These guys just can't catch a break. In fact I heard there's been a recall on the tail light bulbs on Cameron's Maserati, and that Tyler's polo horse has strep throat and will likely miss the start of the spring season! Will the string of bad luck never end for the Brothers Winklevii?
Why is God so relentlessly cruel and vengeful? Why?!?!

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