Wednesday, April 6, 2011

M. Night Shameonyou

Who the hell keeps giving M. Night Shyamalan money? I mean, on one hand I can't blame the guy because if I was continually being handed cash to pump out shitty films I'd probably do it too (minus the probably). But on the other hand, this needs to stop. Seriously.
"Be cool. Act like I'm talented."
Each film he's come out with since The Sixth Sense, which came out twelve years ago,  have each been more panned than the last (his movies since have garnered an average 34% rating on Rotten Tomatoes), and yet the film deals just keep rolling in. People keep showing up at the box office to soak in his latest juicy filmic turd. Not me though, I personally still haven't forgiven him for Signs, because I just can't excuse making an invasion film where an alien species who is deadly allergic to water,  elect to invade a planet that is made up of roughly 75% water (that's pretty much the equivalent of the Incredible Hulk willfully watching a House of Payne marathon, it's not gonna end well).
Now M. Night (Nice name, by the way. Ya jerk.) has scouted the latest victims to star in his next sure-to-be-hit, Will and Jaden Smith. Being a big Will Smith fan, normally I'd point out some of the other stars who took a chance and ended up with a bad case of the M. Night Shouldntadoneits (Mark Wahlberg, Paul Giamatti, Joaquin Phoenix, Adrian Brody, Mel Gibson, Bruce Willis) and I'd beg and plead for Will not to sully his career by working with such a consistently unsuccessful director. But as you know if you've been reading lately, my personal relationship with Mr. Smith has hit a bit of a snag (Willow STILL must be stopped!). That, plus the fact that he's insisting on doing another movie with his kid (Okay we get it, your children are AMAZING, no kids have ever been as talented as YOUR kids), makes me lose any sympathy I may have had.
While not much else is known, the film has been described as a sci-fi flick that sees Will and Jaden navigating an abandoned and desolate future Earth. Anyone else find this weirdly familiar territory for Will?  Kinda sounds like they're just swapping out the German Shepherd for his son and making I am Legend II (all will be forgiven though if they title it I am Legend-er).
In any case, I am boldly confident that it will be a real stinker. One that inevitably makes millions at the box office, lands M. Night yet another lucrative deal a year later, and has me angrily blogging in my underwear again somewhere in the not too distant future.

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