Tuesday, April 5, 2011

My day in pictures

So I had myself a bit of an interesting morning, and fortunately was able to snap pictures of all of the oddities I encountered. Lucky you...

Let's start the day at the breakfast truck, where look out! This Category 5 mullet is in full effect...

Wait, are those elastic waisted jorts?! They sure are. And you guessed it, they're being worn by the same dapper gent pictured above. Somebody's ready for a full day 'o lawn drinkin'!

Twenty dollars? Where do I sign up?! Who cares if your tat looks like it was inked by Muhammad Ali, at least it was easy on the wallet. This place's only real underseller is the LA County Prison, "Home of the 3 Cigarette Tattoo."

Holy crap it's the place where Alicia Silverstone got mugged in Clueless!  I may not have made the connection had I not just caught it on HBO last week. Judge me if you must...

Nothing says "spring is here" like a couple of birds bangin' on top of a dumpster!

And we have a winner for most disconcerting sighting of the day (or at least a close second to the mullet)! In case you are confused, yes, that is a picture of Libyan dictator Moammar Gadhafi and yes, it is mounted on the back of a semi.  Not really sure what to make of this. If nothing else we might just want to have a look-see in the back of this gentleman's truck. 

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