Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lady Gagaaaaahhh shit!

When I heard about this video, I knew I had to do my part to share it with the world (even if I can only offer the 15 pairs of eyes that consistently read this blog):

Now even though I don't have anything in particular against the fair lady of gaga, she's still a weirdo, and this is just friggin funny. And it makes me happy knowing in my heart that every poor sap of a dude that got dragged to this concert by some female friend he's been trying to bed for the last year at least got a little chuckle out of this.
Too bad for Lady Gaga she wasn't wearing that meat dress again though, it probably would've offered her a lot more padding. Then again, she should be counting her lucky stars that she didn't smack her skull on the piano on the way down and wind up bleeding out on stage (don't be surprised if at future concerts she is also wearing a meat helmet).

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