Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What did NY do to deserve this?!

We have A LOT of totally important things to say.
In keeping with my "reality television fuels a blinding anger inside me that cannot be quelled" theme (note my past postings on the Jersey Shore), I thought I'd address the horrible fate that has befallen the residents of New York City: the arrival of the Kardashians.
I know I'm a couple of months late but I have only recently become aware of the E! Network's latest broadcast plague, Kourtney and Kim Take New York. And thanks to inspiration from the twitter post of a friend (see below), I've decided to dedicate today's post entirely to coming up with alternate titles for this televised hate-crime on the senses:

- Handjobs & the City (compliments of Erin LaRosa)
- Kourtney and Kim kan't read but they'll buy the shit out of some shoes
- Native American Karma (this is for white people buying Manhattan for 3 pogs and a snap bracelet)
- Empire State of mind-numbing reality horse shit that will surely be the end of us all
- Start spreading the news and crabs
- The City that never sleeps with Ray J and tapes it, at least not again...
- What? Like 9/11 wasn't bad enough?

Leave some of your own suggestions in the comment section!

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