Thursday, October 7, 2010

Next stop 7th & aggravated assault

Today I had the pleasure of witnessing an extremely rational reaction by a man who was forced to get off at a different bus stop due to construction.  Here is the transcript:

Man: Stop the bus please!
Bus Driver: Where?
Man: On 7th!
Bus Driver: I can't stop there sir.
Man: There is a bus stop there, I need to get off!
Bus Driver: I can't let you out here.
Man: Where am I supposed to get off?!
Bus: Next stop is 5th.
Man: (Now screaming, and I'm talking eyes blind with rage, neck veins popping out screaming) 5th is TOO FAR! (5th is not really that far from 7th, as I'm sure you gathered from your knowledge of the numerical system)  Let me off now!!! (we're 3 lanes away from the curb by the way, so he is demanding to be let out in the middle of LA traffic)
Bus Driver:  I'm sorry I can't sir.
Man: (Screaming so hard his face is now shaking like his skin may actually leap from his skull) Let me off NOW you stupid fucking ass!!!
Bus Driver: Sir if you don't calm down I'm going to call the police.
Man: I don't care!!! (Shrieking wildly, not unlike the screaming caterpillar from The Simpsons who you can now friend on facebook)  I'm going to talk to your supervisor!!! (yeah, that threat is on an equal plane with calling the police)
Bus Driver: You can get off at 5th sir (we're basically at 5th now)
Man: It is too far!!! Let me off!! (bus comes to a stop at 5th and the doors slowly open) HURRY UP YOU ASS!!!!  HURRRRYYYY!

The man then hopped out the back door of the bus, and oddly enough for someone who you would think was in a rush, took the time to run to the front door of the bus to berate the driver to his face. It was harder to hear in the street traffic but I was able to make out "you fucking mother fucker!" Which seemed like the logical next thing to say.
Unfortunately I was unable to get a cell phone video of this event, which would surely have been youtube gold.  But this man was standing close enough to me to cut my head off, and based purely on his sunny disposition, I assume he was wielding a machete.

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