Friday, October 29, 2010

Mel Gibson: Too insane for Hollywood?

It's official, Mel Gibson may have just created a whole new level of unhinged.  After being offered the opportunity to play a small part in The Hangover 2 just last week, Mel was in the news again this week for quickly having the offer rescinded.  Although there was no specific incident that caused him to lose the part, it was clearly related to his all-encompassing insanity.
Apparently the stars of the film, all of them, made it clear they had no interest in working with Mel.  Yes, he was blackballed by the guys who starred in the first film, unofficially making him more undesirable to work with than Mike Tyson, an ass-naked Ken Jeong, and a tiger combined.  Epic.
Sorry Mel, looks like it's back to the Jesus-beating movies for you.  Hey... that doesn't have a sequel yet does it?

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