Friday, October 8, 2010

No habla...

Well, this is by far the greatest billboard I've ever seen (and that includes those delightful religious messages I saw on my way through Texas), and I have no idea what it means.  But that may be the best thing about it.  Rather than go to like any other student who took four years of spanish in high school has to (don't judge me, I know it definitely says "hour" and "tomorrow"), I prefer to just guess what this absolute gem of an advertisement is trying to say:
- "I like dinosaurs!"
- Please send your tax deductible donations to the Foundation for Severe Head Injury Research, because Diego needs your help!
- Be the ninth caller to 101.9 in the morning and I'll kidnap your children, no questions asked!
- Feeling down?  Call our suicide hotline 24 hours a day... because saving lives is our primary GOOOOAAAALLLL!!!!

1 comment:

  1. hahaha actually "por la manana" doesn't mean means in the morning. maybe wouldve been a good idea...JUDGINGGGGG :)