Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Andy Reid: Child Ogre

This gem of a clip has been all over the interwebs lately and I must say I am loving every comically over-sized second of it.
Evidently, at the spritely young age of 13, Philadelphia Eagles head coach Andy Reid was already what you'd casually refer to as a man-sized freak boy.  He towers over the other kids, most of the referees, and I think even the uprights in this Punt, Pass and Kick competition footage.  I just thank God that some amazingly wonderful person was good enough to give this tape to CBS for all the world to see.  My only wish is that they showed the punt portion of the clip in which I'm sure he punts the other children 60 yards down field before proceeding to grind their bones to make his bread.
Oh and just a hint, if you look closely at around the 0:05 mark I'm pretty sure you can see a full grown mustache poking out through the face mask.

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