Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Giving thanks for insanity and swords

On this, the eve of the Thanksgiving holiday, I feel I truly need to stop and smell the roses.  Because when I think about it there is just so much to be thankful for, possibly nothing more so than a sword-wielding celebrity.  Yeah, don't backtrack, you read that right.
Evidently, an actor from the ABC show Ugly Betty decided to go all Kill Bill on his mommadukes and has now officially been charged in her death.  In fact, the details are hazy but there are rumors swirling that he may or may not have actually lopped her head off. So, yeah don't be surprised if from now on Ugly Betty is not only known for launching the career of America Ferrera, but also for "that guy who sword-murdered his mom."  On a real level it's a sad and tragic event, but on a celebrity-story level, this easily takes the cake for most insane of the year (sorry David Carradine's "slightly odd" demise).
I guess if there is anything positive to take from this whole ordeal it's that it's refreshing to see the sword making a comeback.  Guns are just so... easy.
Oh, and also, upon researching Ugly Betty for this post I learned on IMDB that the show's title in Spanish translates to: I am Betty, the Ugly Girl.  So... that's kinda awesome too.

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