Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Quidditch anyone?

Congratulations bird watchers, your spot atop the sad hobbies pyramid has officially been usurped.  And the new champs won't likely be giving up their spot any time soon; check out the Quidditch World Cup.
Yeah, apparently a group of mega-virgins had a meeting of the minds and decided to bring the flying broomstick sport of Harry Potter lore into their less than satisfying reality.  And I say why not?  It's not like the excitement or respectability of the game could be diminished by your inability to actually fly, or the fact that you're running around a field with a fucking broomstick between your legs.
I don't even know where to start with this.  This may be the saddest thing I've ever seen (and that includes All Dogs Go To Heaven).  These real life "athletes" make Ultimate Frisbee players look like VanDamme in Bloodsport.  The premise is that two teams take a volleyball along with all of their combined social awkwardness out onto the playing field and try to put the ball through a hoop, all while remaining crotch-jockeyed to their broomsticks, obviously (it's sort of like basketball for the mentally ill).  In addition, someone called a snitch apparently just runs around aimlessly the entire time?  I honestly have no idea. Maybe he escaped from the Hogwarts short-bus and you get bonus points for wrangling him up.  Seems cruel though.
In any case, now that the sport has come to light thanks to internet videos galore, these "athletes" are having some wonderful back and forths with Quidditch detractors in comment threads.  One player even defended the "sport" by pointing out that he once broke his leg during a Quidditch "match."  Yeah... might wanna keep that to yourself buddy.  I'd say you broke it figure skating, you'll get more ladies that way. 
I guess all I really want out of this is to make my opinion as clear as I can, so ummm... THIS IS NOT A SPORT!  In fact, the only thing that's less of a sport than this would be if a bunch of furry Frodo fanatics got together and formed an intramural "One-True-Ringtoss" league. 
So for the love of God and all that is good with the world of sports, please stop.

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