Wednesday, November 3, 2010

McRib with a Vengeance!

It's back and more enigmatically meaty then ever!  Your favorite seasonal McDonald's treat (sorry Shamrock Shake, but you fall a bit short), the McRib, is back on the menu and beckoning you to a drive-thru near you.
Yes, the phenomenon that is the McRib is hard to define in words, but I will try my damndest.
I believe that people love the McRib because it's a mystery, wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in an enigma, wrapped in deliciously tangy BBQ sauce.  Because really, what the hell is the McRib?  Ribs are bones my friends.  But a McRib?  There are no bones about it baby.  Just a rack-of-rib-shaped, ambiguous pork concoction that frees rib lovers of the shackles placed on them by the peskiest part of eating ribs... the ribs.
Now I don't know if there is a farm somewhere on which thousands of magical, ribless pigs frolic and play as we speak, but I like to think so.  I imagine they are carefully watched over and cultivated until they reach their pinnacle of tastiness, then they are snatched up and shipped off to McDonald's restaurants worldwide to bring joy to millions.
Whatever the case, whether my theory or another is correct, there is a mystical nature to this super-sandwich.  Its origins are obscure and it only comes once a year, but it makes us all a whole lot happier.  It's not unlike Santa Clause, and let me assure you, if Santa Clause were this delicious I'd eat him too.

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