Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Primate bounty hunters of the world unite!

A 200,000 Yen bounty has been placed on the infamous marauding monkeys of the resort town of Mishima, Japan.  The unruly gang of troublesome tree hoppers has been described as heavily clad in leather and sunglasses and are easily identifiable by their trademark tattoos.
Be aware though, the award applies only to those monkeys that are causing problems.  So if the authorities are called to your home for a captured monkey who waxes poetic about his unjust incarceration and cordially complies with their every demand, don't expect any extra cash coming your way.
If you can manage to detain a member of the ruffian gang banging primates though (artists rendering seen here), you can surely expect to add some of that sweet, sweet monkey money to your bank account.

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