Thursday, September 30, 2010

Races of tracism

I agree with LeBron James, the sports world's unforgiving reaction to his not at all self-indulgent or egomaniacal two-hour televised special in which he made the not at all weasely decision to ditch his home town for the chance to play with two other superstars who could possibly help him "earn" his first championship must be an issue of racism.   What else could it be?
After all, if it weren't racism then why would the immediate reaction be comparing him to former players who didn't need to leave their respective teams to form psuedo-All-Star squads in order to win?  Names like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson were tossed around incessantly.  Doesn't it seem a bit more than coincidental that they happen to be arguably the two greatest WHITE players ever to hit the hardwood?  How could we have ignored this?
And by the way, how long are we going to sit idly by and allow rich, white snobs like Charles Barkley to rip LeBron in the national media?  Preposterous.
It's time to take a good long look in the mirror America.  We need to ask ourselves why we have been so blind to the obvious underlying race issues in the LeBron James free agency saga.  Just like we need to ask ourselves why we aren't even ready for a fully black President.
It's 2010 people, end the hate.

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