Friday, January 7, 2011

Kirk Cameron says we're all gonna be just fine

If you've heard about the flocks of lifeless birds dropping from the skies or the hoards of dead fish washing up on shores around the world and you have assumed, like the rest of us, it is the end of days... relax.  For the wise Kirk Cameron says we're going to be just fine.  And after all, who better to ask about such a mysterious and possibly biblical event than Mike Seaver?  Oh wait... what the fuck?
Now let me make this clear, I don't hold this against Kirk.  In fact, I still love Mike Seaver.  I mean who wouldn't love a cool ladies man who has a water bed and lives above his parents' garage with his best friend Boner?  Boner!  That's awesome!
Who I do hold it against however, are the morons at CNN who decided that because he is a born again Christian and he starred in a movie about the end of days, that makes Kirk Cameron's opinion relevant.
What an unthinkably retarded scenario to have Anderson Cooper asking Kirk Cameron if he thinks the world is ending. That sounds more like a question he'd pose to him if he were getting high with him and Boner in the Seaver's garage.
So while I respect Kirk Cameron's right to have an opinion (and his angelic smile), I can't respect that this is a news story because the truth is it doesn't matter.  In fact, I'd much rather hear what Candice Cameron thinks about this whole fiasco, if for no other reason than I haven't seen or heard from her since she got made for TV date-raped by Zach Morris.

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