Thursday, January 27, 2011

That IS a crazy sale!

Well, I saw this in Koreatown this morning, and I have to say it is more than a little troubling...

"Made in Korea Man Suits" for only $99.99?!  That really is crazy!  By setting the price of man suits so low the proprietor here is setting a truly dangerous precedent.  Think about it.  If we go around selling cheap man suits all willy-nilly, there's no telling how many wild animals, robots, or even aliens are snatching them up at a discount price and infiltrating our society unnoticed.
Your priest?  A robot in a made in Korea man suit recording data of your darkest sins.
Your deli guy?  A Cellulon from the planet Gorak 7 in a made in Korea man suit studying the eating habits of the human species.
Your neighborhood friendly hobo?  A great white shark in a made in Korea man suit who only asks for spare change in hopes that you'll come close enough for him to bite your face off!
So be wary citizens, keep your eyes peeled for suspicious characters who give off a not-so-human vibe.  And join me this Saturday in MacArthur park for a formal protest demanding a government sanctioned price floor on the sale of man suits!

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