Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mie scuse Italy

It's all I can say... I'm sorry.
Yes, the cast of the Jersey Shore will be heading to Italy for the fourth season of their smash hit piece of shit.  And I'm so, so sorry.
I don't know if you're aware MTV, but Americans aren't the most popular folks overseas.  So I'm not sure sending the very worst people our country has to offer to represent us is the right move.  Honestly, are J-Woww and The Situation really people we should even be admitting are American? Were Jeffrey Dahmer and Charles Manson booked?  And if not, wouldn't we legitimately better off sending them?  Cuz I'm okay with that.
In any case, get your hands on all the wine and extra virgin olive oil you can now, because I sense a trade embargo on the horizon.  And I would for sure get your fix on those all you can eat salad and breadsticks while you still can, because there is no chance Italy allows the Olive Garden's chef training school in Tuscany to remain open after this fiasco.
Again Italy, mie scuse.

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