Thursday, March 3, 2011

Best name ever?

Well, I found another gem hidden amongst the comedic stockpile that is the abundant signage in Koreatown.
There is evidently, an interior decor company run by a man named Lance. I know, shocking. And while that seems a little cliche, I'd hardly call it hilarious. That is of course, unless Lance's last name is equal parts both juvenile and phallic. And yeah, it is.
Not Affiliated with Bruce Dong Floral Design
I feel like when forming this company, rather than consult a marketing firm they just polled the writers at Saturday Night Live for name suggestions. And I expect any week now to tune in to SNL only to see Lance Wang- flamboyant decorator, Bill Hader's new hit recurring character.


  1. Seriously dude how did you not address at the bottom where it says "Not Affiliated with Bruce Dong Floral Design"

  2. Seriously dude how do you not realize that's a caption that I added to the picture. How the hell would I not acknowledge that if it were legit?