Thursday, March 24, 2011

What was all that 2012 nonsense?!

So I know I've been a bit obsessed with this whole Armageddon thing (the event, not the movie, though I do still bawl like a baby when Bruce Willis sacrifices himself... so noble), but as much as I've accepted that the end is near I was under the distinct impression we had at least until the new year. That is, until I saw this on my way to work today:
Coming soon to a planet near you!

May 21st of this year people! I never thought the Mayans and/or John Cusack would intentionally mislead us this way, but whoever posted this billboard seems pretty confident as to when the shit is hitting the apocalyptal fan. 
This hardly seems like enough time to get my affairs in order (shut up, I have affairs). Though, if there is one silver lining at least we'll have time to catch the conclusion of March Madness. Well, unless Duke wins again, in which case I'm pretty sure we can blame this whole End of Days mess on the impossibly dark and evil soul of Coach K.

Note: Disregard this post if you are able to read it on May 22, 2011

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