Monday, March 28, 2011

Taylor's unpublished love letters

I read this headline and my imagination immediately ran away with me. Think of all of the possibilities.
Are these Lawrence Taylor's unpublished love letters to that underage prostitute (a girl whom, much to LT's credit, he did not pick up on a playground)? Or are they Taylor Hicks' secret correspondences with Simon Cowell that eventually won him the most clearly rigged season of American Idol to date? Or better still are they Taylor Lautner's clandestine exchanges with his sworn vampire enemies in which he declares his unholy yet undying love for Edward? Who knows?! So I read on , and alas, they are simply the immediate exploitations of a woman who passed so recently her body may not yet be cold.
"Of course I'm taking into account that our most private
exchanges will one day be made public. Why wouldn't I?"
Elizabeth Taylor just died. Is the first move really to slap her private love letters up on Ebay? She was only seventeen when she wrote these, is nothing sacred? I mean come on, would we take a chronicle of the devastating wartime hardships and pubescent struggles endured by an exiled teen and publish it for all the world to see? Oh... right (Yes, I still unabashedly endorse the use of Cliff's notes. It's a simple issue of time management people).
Anyway, don't go wasting the 75 G's that the letters of the late actress are expected to fetch at auction. I know a guy who will have the bootlegs available up on Hollywood Boulevard in no less than a week. Five bucks. You're welcome.

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