Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Athletes in Film: Cam Neely

It's hard to know where to even start with this one, because it is so very close to my heart. To me, Cam Neely is so much more than a Hall of Fame hockey player. To me, he's even more than the founder of an invaluable philanthropic venture that gives families affected by pediatric cancer a place to stay. To me, he is quite simply, Sea Bass.
In what is probably my favorite comedic film of all time, Dumb and Dumber (We landed on the moon!), Cam Neely played an essential role in some of the films most hilarious scenes. We are introduced to him after he is hit by a seasoning projectile, and he poignantly quips: "Who's the dead man who hit me with the salt shaker?!" Then, like any gentleman who had been so dishonored would likely do, proceeded to hock a giant loogie on Jeff Daniels' hamburger.
But the real reason I consider Cam's performance so daring and memorable, is the scene where he reencounters Harry and Lloyd further on down the road. After having been tricked into picking up their tab (I'll call you a liar if you don't admit you've considered trying this at some point), Mr. Bass serendipitously happens upon the fellas at a gas station. Not just any gas station though, the exact gas station in fact, in which Mr. Bass had scrawled a message regarding an intimate rendezvous on the wall.  And what ensues? Comedic genius.
You really must admire Cam for this scene. After all, not every famous athlete would be comfortable enough with his own masculinity to pretend he was about to joyously mouth molest Jim Carrey.
So my hat, or perhaps more fitting it be your hat, goes of to you Mr. Neely. Because when it comes to athletes in films, you are truly a massive gas station rapist of a man among boys.

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