Thursday, February 3, 2011

The best kind of air-mail

Drug smugglers will do anything to get their product into the U.S. And they always will. As long as we share a border with Mexico (and I don't think sawing America off below San Diego is an option) drug runners will find a way to conduct their business. Each and every time one method is brought to light by the authorities, a new method is concocted. There have even been instances of intricate tunnel systems which are fully equipped with lights and large enough for cars to drive through (Yeah, apparently that wasn't just made up for Fast & Furious... shut up, you saw it too). But compared to this latest idea, those inordinate tunnels that likely took decades to secretly construct were child's play...
I give you, the weed catapult.

Yup. That's it. They finally said "Well they catch us every other way, let's just fucking throw it."
Be honest, you have to admire the genius in the simplicity of this idea, and the reactions it's caused (though I'm sure ABC's morning hosts wouldn't be laughing it off on television if they were flinging bricks of heroine, and they probably are). I bet right now stoners all across Arizona are sitting in their mom's living rooms praying one gets away and they suddenly hear the pitter patter of a substantial brick of marijuana arriving on the roof.
You have to wonder though, is this a slippery slope? With this modern medieval technology, how long before hopeful immigrants begin simplifying their journey into the U.S. by launching themselves skyward? I say not long at all. I also say automatic citizenship for anyone who survives, because that is AWESOME.

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