Tuesday, February 1, 2011

This is snow way to treat a friend...

Being originally from New York, my Facebook is naturally filled with friends and family from back home, and evidently they are getting a little sick of the constant snowdumps Old Man Winter has unloaded on them this year.  As I logged on early this morning, I noticed roughly 93.56% of my newsfeed was filled with angry snow haters airing their grievances with Mother Nature (can you believe she's still not on Facebook?), and to be honest, it made me feel a little homesick.
So, in hopes of rekindling my connection with the great state of New York, and really just trying not to be the only person on Facebook who wasn't bitching about winter (let's face it, I'm a blind conformist), I put up a funny little message. Did I assume people would chuckle at the irony of my status being that I'm in California? Sure. But did I have even an inkling of the vicious digital attack that was about to be unleashed upon me? No sir, no I did not...
I must say people, winter (and I assume old age), has turned you bitter and ugly. Is snow really that bad? Soft, white flakes floating down to earth, covering all the surface with a peaceful, pillowy blanket of fluff... wahhh, wahh, wahh.
You think life in California is so easy? I have tough days out here too. Why just this morning, I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight of a hummingbird feeding on the vibrant flowers of a sprawling, dewy garden. It was the most astonishingly tranquil sight I ever laid eyes on, and I wept openly for the next ten minutes.
You try starting your day with that kind of emotional awakening. Yeah, that's what I thought... go finish shoveling your driveways.

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